Bovine Veterinary Services

Bracken Ridge Animal Hospital – Bedford, PA

Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital provides essential healthcare services for your bovine herd throughout our extensive service area. Our veterinarian offers on-farm visits. In addition, our brand new state-of-the-art hospital in Bedford, PA, is equipped with a full laboratory, pharmacy, surgical and dental suite and is available to address more intensive medical needs.

From diagnostic and surgical procedures to emergency care, you can depend on our team for all your bovine health care needs. Whether your cattle require vaccinations, anti-parasite or antibiotic treatment, calf castration or weaning assistance, nutrition advice, or any other aspect of wellness care and treatment, you can rely on our team of dedicated professionals for cost-effective veterinary care.

Herd Management Plans for Cattle

Our comprehensive herd health plans are tailored to meet your management goals. Whether you are a commercial producer, pure-bred breeder, show animal owner, or cattle hobbyist, we will work with you and develop a herd management plan that takes into consideration the personalized aspects of your specific management style. We specialize in herd management for organic and grass-fed programs. All herd work and management consultations are conducted on a per-hour basis. Services may include everything from basic procedures such as nutrition counseling to pregnancy palpation, disbudding, and castration. Additional fees for medications and specific testing apply.

General Medicine & Bovine Surgery

Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital provides an extensive range of routine patient services including: diagnosis and treatment of various infectious diseases, cosmetic dehorning and castration, surgery, lameness exams, and necropsy. Our in-house lab is well equipped to run blood samples for CBC and serum chemistry, as well as parasite diagnostics and urinalysis. In addition, we routinely utilize university laboratories for specialty blood tests such as trace mineral and infectious disease panels.

Schedule an Ambulatory or In-Clinic Appointment

Total bovine health begins on the farm. From nutrition and parasite control to disease prevention, surgical intervention, immunization, and total health management, Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital offers all the essential services you need to keep your cattle happy and healthy without leaving the comfort of the farm. To learn more about our bovine veterinary health services or to schedule a house call or in-clinic visit, please call: 814-623-1888.