Breeding and
Reproductive Services

Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital – Bedford, PA

Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital offers a full line of breeding and reproductive services for purebred domestic and livestock species, including dogs, bulls, stallions, rams, and bucks/billys. From pre-breeding exams to stud service, insemination, high-risk and caesarean delivery, we offer the latest technology and procedures to help ensure the success of your breeding program. Services may be offered on your farm or at our veterinary facility in Bedford, PA.

  • Artificial Insemination
  • Breeding Soundness Exam
  • Digital Ultrasound
  • Embryo Recovery & Transfer
  • Fertility Evaluation
  • Full Breeding Service
  • OFA Genetic Testing
  • PennHip Evaluation
  • Pregnancy Palpation
  • Twin Reduction
  • Uterine Cytology/Culture/Biopsy

Semen Collection and Shipping

Studs, Stallions, Rams, Bucks, and Bulls

Semen collection is available at your farm or at the Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital facility. The electro-ejaculation process typically produces approximately 50 million sperm cells per draw for each straw collected, with one to four straws typically recommended for breeding purposes. Required health and disease screenings are available on-site, as well. Semen collection and shipping must be pre-arranged and coordinated with care to help ensure expedited care and refrigerated shipping. For more information or to schedule collection, please call our office: 814-623-1888.

Standard Artificial Insemination

Standard artificial insemination service is available to allow breeders to utilize semen from preferred studs throughout the world. This service places semen into the vaginal vault and is most similar to organic breeding. Breeders must complete stud service contract requirements and provide our office with copies. As soon as these documents are received, Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital will then be able to arrange for semen shipment/receipt and schedule the insemination.

Transcervical and Surgical Insemination

In comparison to standard artificial insemination, transcervical and surgical insemination tend to achieve significantly higher rates of success. Transcervical insemination uses a pipette or laparoscopic equipment to bypass the cervix and places the semen directly into the uterus. This procedure may be performed with or without general anesthesia. Surgical insemination opens the abdominal wall to place semen directly within the horns of the uterus and general anesthesia is required.

Optimal insemination depends on many factors. For help determining which method of insemination is ideal for your animal, please contact our office to discuss your options: 814-623-1888.

Progesterone Testing

Effective breeding requires proper timing during the estrus cycle. We offer progesterone tracking and testing to help determine when insemination will be most effective to achieve the best results. Due to variances in estrus cycles within the individual patient, it is advisable to first acquire baseline data to determine cycle length.

Reproductive Ultrasound

Reproductive ultrasound can be used to diagnose pregnancy and is recommended between 25-28 days after insemination. Potential offspring can be visualized and an approximate count provided. The uterus and offspring heart rates and placentas can be assessed to help determine developmental stage and overall well-being. A date for birthing can be estimated, as well.

Planned and Emergency Caesarian Sections

Caesarian sections on pets and livestock are among the most common veterinary surgical procedures. Whether the offspring is too large to pass or in an abnormal position, an anatomical anomaly is present, the fetus is nonviable due to defect or death, or a planned delivery is preferred, the Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital staff can assist with all aspects of labor and delivery. When a caesarian section is indicated, we provide exceptional in-facility and ambulatory care from pre-surgical preparation through birth to reduce anesthetic time and help minimize complications for the best chance of a successful delivery for the animal and offspring.

Purebred Canine Services

PennHIP and OFA-Certified Veterinarian

Responsible breeders ensure that painful and degenerative conditions are not passed along in their breeding programs. Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer PennHip Evaluations to screen for canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and OFA genetic testing to screen for dysplasia, heart and orthopedic diseases.

PennHip Evaluations

Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) is a painful, incurable, inherited joint condition affecting large dog breeds including Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Labradors, Akitas, and Rottweilers. A PennHip evaluation is the gold standard testing protocol. It is the most accurate scientifically-based, peer-reviewed, and well-researched method of reliably predicting future onset of CHD and osteoarthritis. A series of x-rays are used to objectively and precisely measure hip joint laxity for calculation based on the standard distraction index (DI).

Genetic Disease Testing
Hip Dysplasia, Heart and Orthopedic Diseases

Canine Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Certification is available for responsible dog owners. Genetic testing and certification is available for patients of Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital who are two years of age and older who will participate in a breeding program. Prior to breeding, a series of tests should be performed to minimize the transmission of heritable diseases such as dysplasia and various heart and orthopedic diseases. Specific tests for each breed are recommended based on known health conditions. Breeding females cannot be tested within the 30-day estrus (β€œheat”) period, which is a biannual occurrence for most breeds. Sedation is required during imaging studies for orthopedic disease.

Learn more about genetic testing from the Canine Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

Please contact Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital directly to learn more about our extensive veterinary reproductive health services: 814-623-1888.