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Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital provides preventive dentistry and oral surgery for cats, dogs, rabbits, and all animals at our facility in Bedford, PA. To schedule an appointment, call Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital at: 814-623-1888.

Dentistry – A Total Health Solution

Optimal veterinary healthcare involves a comprehensive approach that includes regular dental care. Animal dentistry is not a cosmetic undertaking, but rather an approach to total health. Periodontal disease negatively impacts the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. As a component of your pet’s annual wellness examination, his oral health will be assessed. Keep in mind that most animals will develop a significant accumulation of tartar and enter the beginning stages of gingivitis by three years of age. In addition, certain breeds and animals with some pre-existing health conditions are more prone to suffer dental health issues.

Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Dental Disease

The Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital team is committed to providing exceptional quality veterinary dental and oral health care for all animals. Our brand new state-of-the-art veterinary hospital is equipped with a dedicated dental suite. The dental suite features an efficient process made possible via a high-speed dental drill with fiber optic lighting, dental scaler, suction, and a three-way air/water syringe. This equipment enables the veterinarian to visualize and remove plaque and calculus quickly, treat dental diseases, and complete procedures with precision.

Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT) Exam

The COHAT exam is a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment procedure. It is performed under anesthesia and includes examining each tooth for fractures, gingival disease, and abnormal enamel wear. Excess accumulations of dental tarter are removed from tooth surfaces, as well as under the gums with our dental scaler. We then polish the teeth and seal the enamel for a clean and brilliant white smile!

Tooth Extractions

Bad teeth cause intense pain for your animal. Decayed and broken teeth can also quickly lead to serious health complications. In many cases, an extraction can be performed during the patient’s COHAT Exam. Depending on the specific injury or disease state, extraction may be scheduled as a separate procedure to minimize the time the animal is under anesthesia. Our equipment enables us to perform dental extractions with maximum efficiency.

Oral Surgery

Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital is well equipped to perform numerous oral surgery procedures including biopsies, jaw fracture corrections, mass removals, soft palate surgeries, and gingival flaps.

Contact Bracken Ridge Veterinary Hospital to schedule your pet’s dental appointment today: 814-623-1888.